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Images of Cambridge

Tim Rawle’s Cambridge portfolio contains some of the most beautiful photographs ever taken of this famous English city. The images are available as: high-quality prints and canvases, produced using the Fine Art Giclée printing method; as stunningly luminous prints on glass; as large format displays using multi-panel canvases or the vinyl ‘wallpaper’ technique; and in digital form for website enhancement or as high-resolution files for publishers. To see images in locations VIEW REPRODUCTION EXAMPLES. Due to the vast number of printing possibilities and sizes available, we operate a contact form system to discuss your personal requirements at ENQUIRE ABOUT IMAGES.

For large format displays using either multi-panel canvases or the vinyl ‘wallpaper’ method, we offer a free site visit or an online survey to discuss and advise on ideas and possibilities.


All images have a unique reference number and title, click on a thumbnail to enlarge (images are copyright watermarked here, but not on purchased items)

All images copyright ©Tim Rawle

CP0001 King’s College Chapel (Snow)

CP0003 King’s College Chapel (North)

CP0004 Organ & Screen, King’s College Chapel

CP0005 Cambridge City Centre

CP0008 Winter Sunset, Cambridge city centre

CP0009 Cambridge City Centre Twilight

CP0010 Punting Through St John’s College

CP0011 Punting at the Ball (Trinity)

CP0012 Autumn Punts on Trinity Backs

CP0013 Bridge of Sighs, St John’s College

CP0014 Punting through the Willows

CP0015 Winter Punts on Trinity Backs

CP0016 New Court, St John’s College

CP0017 New Court and The Bridge of Sighs, St John’s College

CP0018 Evening Concert, Trinity College

CP0019 King’s College Backs

CP0021 The Bridge and Avenue, Trinity College

CP0024 Clare College Bridge (South)

CP0025 St John’s College Chapel

CP0027 Cambridge city centre from the south-west

CP0028 Cambridge City Centre from the south

CP0031 The Great Vault, King’s College Chapel

CP0032 Peterhouse Chapel

CP0033 Keystone Angel, Westminster College

CP0034 Jesus College Ladies at the May Bumps

CP0035 Magdalene College Ladies at the May Bumps

CP0036 The Master’s Lodge, Downing College

CP0037 Whewell’s Arches, Trinity College

CP0038 The Avenue, Trinity College

CP0039 Mercury at Trinity

CP0042 King’s College Chapel from the west

CP0043 Golden Dragon, King’s College Chapel

CP0045 May Ball Survivors, Trinity College

CP0047 The Hall, Newnham College

CP0048 Senior Dons on King’s Parade

CP0049 Punting to Grantchester

CP0051 The Wren Bridge, St John’s College

CP0053 May Ball Plane, Trinity College

CP0054 Frozen Punts, Trinity College Backs

CP0056 Trinity and King’s, Cambridge City Centre

CP0057 New Court, St John’s College

CP0065 After The Ball, Trinity College

CP0072 King’s and Clare

CP0073 St John’s College Backs

CP0074 St John’s College from the south-west

CP0080 Screen and Stalls, King’s College Chapel

CP0081 The Nave, King’s College Chapel

CP0083 King’s College Backs

CP0085 Fanning Punts on The Backs

CP0087 Gothic Garden, St John’s College

CP0088 Choristers, St John’s College

CP0090 Nevile’s Gate, Trinity College

CP0097 Winter on the Backs, Clare College Bridge

CP0098 The Mathematical Bridge, Queens’ College

CP0100 Choristers, King’s College Bridge

CP0102 King’s College Bridge

CP0103 King’s College Bridge and Bodley’s Court

CP0104 Frosted Mulberry, King’s College

CP0107 Henry VIII at King’s College

CP0111 Punting through the blossom, St John’s College

CP0113 Autumn along the Backs

CP0115 Old Hall Gable, Newnham College

CP0116 Dinner in Hall, St John’s College

CP0117 Snowman, Enmmanuel College

CP0120 Pembroke College Chapel

CP0129 The Gatehouse, King’s College

CP0157 Chauffeured Punt, St John’s College

CP0158 Punting on The Backs

CP0167 The Bridge of Sighs, St John’s College

CP0168 Wooden Angel (south), King’s College Chapel

CP0169 Wooden Angel (north), King’s College Chapel

CP0172 Aerial View, Cambridge City Centre

CP0173 Cambridge aerial view from the west

CP0182 Pepys Library, Magdalene College

CP0185 Emmanuel College Chapel

CP0195 Cambridge City Centre

CP0204 Oriel Window, Queens’ College

CP0205 Red Dragon, Christ’s College

CP0208 The University Library

CP0220 Fountain and Gatehouse, Trinity College

CP0226 Winter frost, Cambridge city centre

CP0227 St John’s, Trinity and King’s, Cambridge

CP0228 Cambridge City Centre (Snow)

CP0231 At The Ball, Magdalene College

CP0232 Gothic Shadows, St John’s College

CP0233 St John’s College Gatehouse

CP0236 New Court Cloister, St John’s College

CP0241 Old Bridge, St John’s College

CP0242 Old Father Cam, St John’s College

CP0243 Neptune, St John’s College

CP0263 Stylish Craft at the May Bumps

CP0264 Gate of Honour, Gonville & Caius College

CP0268 Playing at the Ball

CP0282 May Ball Dawn, Clare College

CP0289 Evening Scullers on the Lower River

CP0302 Christmas Montage I

CP0303 Christmas Montage II

CP0304 Snow Bikes, King’s Parade

CP0307 King’s Parade

CP0309 St John, the College Gathouse

CP0310 St John’s from All Saints’ Passage

CP0312 Winter Painter, King’s College Backs

CP0318 King Henry VIII, Trinity College Gatehouse

CP0319 Arms in the Snow, Trinity College

CP0322 Sir Isaac Newton, Trinity College

CP0323 Lord Tennyson, Trinity College

CP0328 The American Cemetery at Madingley

CP0335 The Master’s Lodge, Christ’s College

CP0336 Don and Wisteria, Christ’s College

CP0337 Quincentenary Procession, Christ’s College

CP0338 Graduation, St John’s College

CP0339 The Countess of Shrewsbury, St John’s College

CP0368 Senior Combination Room, Downing College

CP0375 The Round Church

CP0376 Long Court, Robinson College

CP0382 The Hall, Fitzwilliam College

CP0384 The Centre for Mathematical Sciences

CP0386 The Gatehouse, Churchill College

CP0402 The Gatehouse, Robinson College

CP0404 Robinson College from the gardens

CP0406 The History Faculty

CP0407 The Law Faculty

CP0410 The Hall, Magdalene College

CP0419 Old Court, Queens’ College

CP0420 The President’s Lodge, Queens’ College

CP0430 The Møller Institute, Churchill College

CP0431 Bridge Street

CP0433 Pembroke College Chapel

CP0434 May Ball Marquee, King’s College

CP0435 Magdalene Street

CP0436 Darwin College

CP0438 St Johns Street

CP0450 King’s College

CP0455 The Round Church (interior)

CP0461 Front Court and Chapel, Robinson College

CP0464 The Judge Business School

CP0467 The Law Faculty (Night)

CP0468 The River along Midsummer Common

CP0469 The River along Jesus Green

CP0476 Old Court, Corpus Christi College

CP0478 Old Court Gatehouse, Queens’ College

CP0480 Trinity Lane

CP0491 Clare College and Gardens

CP0497 The Faculty of Divinity

CP0500 To The Ball (Trinity Lane)

CP0501 Clearing the Leaves, Clare College Bridge

CP0502 Rowing Home at the May Bumps

CP0503 The May Bumps at Ditton Corner

CP0504 Queens’ College front to Queen’s Lane

CP0505 Oars Women at the May Bumps

CP0506 Winter training on the Lower River

CP0507 Queuing for the Ball (Pembroke)

CP0508 The May Bumps – at the start

CP0510 Peterhouse May Ball

CP0514 Ready for Dinner, King’s College

CP0515 Dining in Hall

CP0516 On The Street

CP0538 Graduation, Jesus College

CP0550 Graduation, Trinity College

CP0983 Senate House Projection

CP1121 Downing College – SCR Interior

CP1387 Downing College – The Howard Theatre

CP1727 Downing College – Ionic Capitals in the Hall

CP1896 Downing College – Graduation Day

CP2720 Downing College – Chapel Interior

CP2845 Downing College – north-west Portico

CP3145 Downing College – The West Range

CP3149 Downing College – Hall, east elevation

CP3156 Downing College – Master’s Lodge Portico

CP3195 Downing College – The Library and North Range

CP3237 Downing College – The SCR and Hall

CP3260 Downing College – The Senior Combination Room

CP3291 Downing College – The Maitland Robinson Library

CP3306 Downing College – Hall from the south-west

CP4477 Downing College – The Master’s Lodge from the south-east

CP4711 Downing College – Chapel Interior

CP4825 Downing College – The Master’s Lodge and Garden

CP4855 Downing College – The SCR and Hall from the Fellows’ Garden

CP5331 Downing College – The Hall looking east

CP5507 Downing College – The Boathouse

CP6059 Downing College – The Master’s Lodge

CP7171 Downing College – The SCR, Hall and Master’s Lodge

CP7714 Downing College – The East Range

CP8673 Downing College – The Hall and West Range

CP8705 Downing College – The West Range (with trees)

CP8872 Downing College – The Master’s Lodge from the north-west

CP9322 Downing College – The Chapel

CP9460 Downing College – Coat of Arms

CP9543 Downing College – aerial view from the south

CP9611 Downing College – The North Range

CP9793 Downing College – The Hall and Master’s Lodge

CP9897 Downing College – Howard Building and Howard Lodge

CP9919 Downing College – Howard Court

CP9949 Downing College – The Howard Building

CP9950 Downing College – Howard Building Auditorium

CP9965 Downing College – Howard Building, north elevation

CP9966 Downing College – Aerial Perspective Drawing