Special Edition: A Classical Adventure The Architectural History of Downing College Cambridge by Tim Rawle

Special Edition:


The Architectural History of Downing College Cambridge


Published September 2015 – Limited edition bound in luxury goatskin leather

Dimensions in slipcase: 250 x 270mm

200 pages Hardback

ISBN: 978-0-9572867-4-0

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A special edition of A Classical Adventure: The Architectural History of Downing College, Cambridge is now available to order. This is a limited edition of 100 books bound in luxury goatskin leather, with gold foil blocked lettering and gilt-edged pages supplied in a matching slipcase, as illustrated.

The College shield is on the front of both the slipcase and the book, the publisher’s logo is on the back. Each book is made to order and has an additional leaf inserted near the front, individually signed and numbered by the author. On placing an order, each customer will be contacted by email and informed of the delivery schedule.