Tim Rawle is an English photographer, designer and writer, best known for his books and photographs on the architecture of Cambridge, England. After graduating from St Martin’s School of Art and the Central School of Art & Design in London with first-class honours, he went on to read Architecture at Cambridge University, later continuing post-graduate study at the Architectural Association where he was the Caldicott Scholar. He then worked as a junior architect for a few years before changing to a career in publishing. As a photographer his passions are architecture, landscape, people and wildlife, with a special interest in buildings and their interiors; as a graphic designer his interests are in book design and highly illustrated publications; and as a writer he has long been fascinated by English architectural history.

Tim works mainly in Oxford and Cambridge, and has been a Fellow Commoner of Downing College, Cambridge for many years. Among his publications are:

CAMBRIDGE ~ “the best introduction to Cambridge ever published”, CAM, the University magazine; “It takes a book like this to remind us that there are places in Britain to rival any city in the world for architectural splendour . . . the photographs are stunning”, The Sunday Telegraph

A CLASSICAL ADVENTURE: The Architectural History of Downing College Cambridge ~ “Tim Rawle’s beautifully-illustrated and well-researched architectural history of Downing College provides an overview of the development of the College from its foundation to its recent highly-successful expansion programme”, The Georgian magazine.

Apart from his ever-expanding Oxford and Cambridge portfolios, he also works freelance for academic institutions, architects, publishers and individual corporate clients on a variety of projects covering all aspects of photography, graphic design and print production.

Although having lived in Cambridge most of his adult life, Tim has also been fascinated by Oxford for many years where he is currently continuing his research and photography. His work on this long-term book project OXFORD ARCHITECTURE: The Architects who shaped the City, as a scholarly and pictorial analysis of the contributions made to Oxford by an extraordinary range of architects, has recently caught the attention of the European Cultural Centre which has granted an open invitation to exhibit his Oxford photographs at the Venice Biennale.

To see a wide selection of Tim’s work please watch the introductory slideshow on the HOME page (-3 mins duration) and go to CAMBRIDGE and OXFORD in the menu bar.

Tim Rawle | Architectural Photographer & Writer